Web Pages That Should Have Lists

Whether bulleted or numbered, all kinds of info feels better in list form!
  1. Firstly, this one!
    https://li.st/faq I mean... Come on!
  2. Pinterest
    https://www.pinterest.com/ How do you know what to look at first??! Definitely an ordered list would slay this chaos!
  3. Val Kilmer's website
    http://valkilmer.com/ The site all other celeb websites should be judged by. The only improvement he could make is adding some bullets! Here's one to get you started: TOP TIMES ICEMAN SNARLED AT MAVERICK
  4. Apple
    http://www.apple.com/ Here's what your homepage should say: 1) Mac. 2) iPhone. 3) iPad. 4) Watch. 5) World Domination.
  5. Amazon
    http://www.amazon.com/ Everything is SO horizontal. I bet some strategic lists throughout the site would improve sales and help compete with KMart!
  6. Imgur
    http://m.imgur.com/ An endless grid of pictures??! Blech!!! If anything is longer than 99 entries, it's too friggin long!
  7. ESPN
    http://espn.go.com/ What's with all of these videos and scoreboxes??! How do we know who's #1??? Definitely some lists would improve things here!
  8. FTW... Wikipedia's page about lists
    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists All in list format! Yay! Get with the program, Google!