1. Power Rangers
    The primary game. I was typically the monster. My younger brother was always the hero. Friends or cousins were usually involved. It was also typically meticulously negotiated and choreographed beforehand to ensure everyone got a moment of glory, because when we'd wing it real fighting would erupt. It's hard to impose rules on a fight.
  2. Noodle
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    We used to have one of those tunnel things (we called it the Noodle) and the game we'd play was someone would literally wear it upright so they couldn't see anything and we would just tackle the Noodle wearer to the ground. There weren't really any rules. It almost always resulted in crying. But it was a staple game for us. Sometimes we'd turn all the lights off to make it crazier.
  3. School
    My older sisters go-to suggestion. My brother and I and usually friends would humor it for a little while but it would quickly dissolve into chaos and my sister and sometimes her friends (Co-Teachers) would typically storm off.
  4. Sledding
    We didn't really have a formal name for this...this was also absolutely the most dangerous game we'd play. In secret we would get these long wall pillows from the spare room and ride them down the basement stairs. We would place pillows and blankets at the bottom of the stairs for safety. Sometimes even a mattress if we were willing to put it back after. I'm fairly certain my mom totally knew when we would do this because we were so loud but she let it be. No major injuries occurred.
  5. Colors
    This is a Summer pool game. Someone would stand at the edge of the pool and declare a category. Traditionally the first category was Colors, for which the game is named. Then the people in the pool would choose their favorite thing within that category. The person outside the pool would turn around and rattle off things within that category and when yours was said you had to try and quietly get to the other side of the pool. If you're heard the person 'it' could jump in and try to tag you.
  6. Hotel
    We played this exclusively with cousins at family gatherings. It usually went moderately well. We each made up an identity to play and other cousins would play hotel roles such as manager and concierge. Although it never went on very long...there's only so many things you can do when the point is that guests go to their rooms and just request things from the concierge.
  7. Man Hunt
    A more traditional game. Hide and seek played at night and with teams. If all members of the opposing team were not found within an agreed upon time limit the finding team lost and had to go again.
  8. Wizard
    Played only a handful of times. Relied heavily on imagining/pretending things existed that weren't there so it was hard to maintain. But typically it involved making potions out of dead leaves and water and hunting dragons. Didn't really have any goal other than killing dragons so it mostly relied on us keeping up the will to pretend and not get tired.