Based on true events
  1. I never knew my grandmother on my Dad's side. She was called GrandmaAnne like it was one word.
  2. I never knew my grandfather on my Dad's side for that matter either. But he died in 1969, when my dad was only six. My grandmother died just a few months after I was born, in 1995.
  3. My sister remembers her. And my older cousins, Kim, Kelly, Alison and Maggie.
  4. Although even then they were fairly young when she died.
  5. My dad and his five siblings grew up in a house in Brooklyn.
  6. Eventually when everyone moved out my aunt Joanie and uncle Bobby and cousins Katie Meagan and Erin were the ones living in the house.
  7. Then they decided to move out.
  8. We had a big family party there as a last hurrah before the move and the house was officially gone.
  9. And for some reason all the cousins decided to hold a seance to try and contact my GrandmaAnne from beyond the grave when we were supposed to be sleeping.
  10. I have no idea why we decided to do this. It wasn't like there was some story that she still haunted the house or something. We just decided we'd hit up the afterlife like it was making call and seeing if she picked up the phone.
  11. My aunt Joanie still had some of her clothes saved. We took them and a photo album and put them in the middle of the room, gathered in a circle and turned the lights out.
  12. It was very spooky. What sort of supernatural forces could we be meddling with?!
  13. Cousin Maggie whispered "GrandmaAnne...if you're us a sign...knock on the wall...anything to tell us you're still here"
  14. There was a deafening silence pregnant with suspense. Could GrandmaAnne really be here?
  15. And then. Two knocks. We lost it. Oh sweet Jesus we've opened up a line to the spirit world. Maggie what did you do what kind of John Edward shit is this???!!!
  16. And then. Laughing. It was my Uncle Tommy who had heard our hushed movements and come to investigate and decided to trick us upon hearing our seance.
  17. What a bummer. But for that moment though...