Is this sketchy? Am I crazy? Should I pursue this connection?
  1. Ok. Buckle in. This may get long.
  2. Last Spring Im in Penn Station in the waiting area waiting for my trap and this old man comes hobbling over and sits next to me.
  3. I've seen this guy before. He's very old. Like maybe pushing 80. He walks completely hunched. Like he's bowing all the time. Staring at the ground as he walks in a kind of zombie shuffle.
  4. Anyways he sits next to me and starts chatting me up asking me about my life and it's very awkward.
  5. I say I go to SVA. I say no I do not have a job I'm just focused on school for now.
  6. He starts talking about how he's in advertising. Maybe I could intern. I study Computer Animation which...I mean it intersects with advertising in some ways but I'm not necessarily interested but I say ok sure.
  7. He gives me his business card and tells me to call him.
  8. I look him up. His website is really fucking sketchy. It's named after himself. The address is
  9. Uhhh this doesn't sound right.
  10. What? What does this mean? I thought you were involved in advertising? An aol email address? What????
  11. The whole site is like this. It's very vague and weird.
  12. The products portion lists all these weird off brand health products
  13. I decide to just not call him.
  14. Fast forward to a week ago.
  15. I'm waiting for a train and of course this guy comes shuffling over and sits next to me again. I knew it was him. I should have bolted. But he starts chatting me up again.
  16. I start having the same conversation all over again. Deja vu. He's giving me his spiel about advertising but then he mentions social networks???
  17. Then he asks if hes spoken to me before and I admit yes we met before.
  18. He asks if I gave him my number or if he ever called me...I say I don't know. It's very uncomfortable. But he doesn't seem to register this.
  19. He starts going on about internships again. Like an idiot I give him my phone number.
  20. He doesn't call. I think I'm ok. He's just a crazy old man. But then boom. A call. I ignore it. Then just now...another call. Then he texts me.
  21. I decide to look him up again.
  22. He has a hacked Twitter that hasn't been used since 2011
  23. And a Facebook page with one post from 2013 about winning a gymnastics prize????
  24. Am I crazy to be ignoring this guy? Is this not very sketchy?
  25. Like I can't imagine what I could possibly have to offer this person. I mean I know motion graphics?? But I didn't even tell him that? I said I animate.
  26. He must have money though? Could this business be completely fake?
  27. Like part of me is saying just pursue this and see what it's about and if there's money involved but this guy and this business makes me so uncomfortable I don't want to bother.
  28. Help.