1. Joffrey Baratheon
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    Do I even have to explain?
  2. Alex Krycek
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    The SECOND this guy came on screen I was like "I swear to god if this guy becomes a recurring character there's gonna be hell to pay..." and of course that's exactly what happens. And right when I think the show is done with him this bastard magically appears.
  3. Jeffrey Spender
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    Another character I was immediately repulsed by. Just looks like an uppity jerk. And of course he's the son of my favorite character.
  4. Nina Meyers
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    I watched 24 so long ago I can barely remember what she did but I remember she was a mole and I just *loathed* her.
  5. Shane
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    I could never remember this guys name. I had to google it just now, too. My placeholder name for him when I watched the show was douche bag.
  6. Rick Grimes
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    I stopped watching the Walking Dead mainly because of this guy. He just wasn't the same character anymore. Nothing he did made sense. I stopped shortly after (spoiler) the Governor was killed. I haven't looked back since.
  7. Thomas
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    At first I kind of enjoyed the shenanigans that Thomas caused but at a certain point it's like "Really? Really????¿" He became such a childish petty bastard. Even his sad story arc about him taking those horrible anti-gay drugs couldn't make me feel bad for him.
  8. Poochie
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    Thankfully his short lived tenure on the Itchy and Scratchy Show ended with his death.
    Suggested by @scottdillon
  9. Pete Campbell
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    It all started with a Chip-N-Dip
    Suggested by @scottdillon
  10. Carver - The Wire
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    Hated him. And now he's Gabriel on the Walking Dead and I hate him even more.
    Suggested by @shanaz