There are a few movies I first watched around Christmas time that have nothing to do with Christmas but I can only associate with Christmas for some reason.
  1. Sweeney Todd
    I watched this for the first time just days before Christmas and for some reason it felt very appropriate despite the gory/depressing nature of the story...but the chipper music and the dreary colors went perfectly with the Christmas lights and snow outside my window.
  2. Planet of the Apes (1968)
    I watched this for the first time maybe the day after Christmas in the living room, laying on the floor by our Christmas tree and forever intertwined it with the feeling of Christmas for me.
  3. Wall-E
    I watched this for the first time the same night I watched Planet of the Apes, sitting in the comforting glow of our Christmas Tree. I was watching movies gotten the previous day for Christmas.
  4. Poseidon (2006)
    I don't recall first watching this at Christmas time but I associate it with winter none-the-less due to the New Years storyline. Moreso than the original movie.
  5. The Shining
    Less a Christmas movie and more a winter movie for obvious reasons...I like to watch this during the first blizzard we get in the winter. Though I believe I first watched it in the time between Christmas and New Years one year because it was a Christmas gift.
  6. Edward Scissorhands
    It doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas in fact most of the movie takes place during summer but at the very very end it's snowing (Edward chopping ice) while she reads to the kids so therefore I think of it as a holiday film.
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  7. Lord of the Rings
    The three years these came out in theatre we'd always go as a family over Christmas break.
    Suggested by @LizDawson