With Batman v Superman looming I thought I'd make a list of my imaginary perfect DC cinematic universe since I've been very underwhelmed with the apocalyptic gloomy direction WB seems to be taking the films.
  1. They would not take place in the present day...exactly.
    I would mix retro and modern design and technology. Computers are around but so are typewriters. Cars are all very 40's and 50's, following the standard set in Batman the Animated Series
  2. One of the key things DC can use against marvel is nearly all of their characters live in fictional cities in a fictional world that they can build from scratch and play with. Throwing Superman in Chicago and calling it Metropolis is so...boring.
  3. It wouldn't take itself so seriously. Batman would be the heart and center of the gloomy, gritty aspect of the universe but even that would not be as dour as it's been. Think a mix of '89 and Batman Returns Gotham. Dark but a little weird.
  4. Superman would be FUN. Superman would inspire awe and wonder. People could question him, for sure, because that's an interesting dynamic but ultimately he would be accepted, except by of course, Lex Luthor.
  5. There would be less completely brutal destruction. The biggest mistake in Man of Steel. And something they are clearly going to try and retcon in BvS.
  6. DC movies wouldn't be afraid to get spacey and weird. This is another thing they could easily use against Marvel. It took them years to get to Guardians of the Galaxy.
    They had to build up and carefully dismantle the realism they set up to point where the talking raccoon would be accepted by audiences. If DC just went right into their fictional (but not too fictional) world they could easily dive right into the odd stuff. Superman is FROM SPACE for crying out loud.
  7. You could argue Man of Steel did technically get spacey and weird right away but it was somehow, for me at least, not the right tone. A lot of it was overexplained, as if they were trying so hard to make it seem plausible but they didn't have to. At least to the degree they did.
    Maybe I'm just crazy. But it just didn't hit the right note for me.
  8. The colors would be brighter. More interesting.
    How great is that perpetually red sky in BTAS? Why not try that in live action?
  9. Would not rely solely on Batman and Superman films to jumpstart everything.
    Why not START with something different like the Flash or Wonder Woman- much the way Marvel kickstarted the MCU with Iron Man. If Marvels gamble succeeded why not attempt something fresh? Instead of seeing Bruce Wayne's parents getting shot for the sixteenth time???
  10. Anyways. I feel like I'm rambling incoherently. Basically it would be just be more fun. It would emulate Bruce Timms design choices. It wouldn't be afraid to be a little cartoony. But not too much so. Marvel does this exceedingly well. Why not up the ante? Push the boundary? Instead of pushing this gritty desaturated nightmare world upon us.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I am. I'm going to try very hard to go into Batman v Superman without a verdict until it's over.