I'm in the city three days a week and there's usually a few highlight sightings every time. Here were today's.
  1. A drunk guy in a wheelchair singing "Happy Holidays"
  2. An older woman in her 50s or 60s dressed in this incredible shade of blue. Royal blue, I guess? The outfit itself looked like a Pan Am stewardess getup but way fancier. She kind of had her nose in the air like a cartoon rich person.
  3. Homeless guy came right in my face begging for change or a dollar for coffee (Which I did not have...I only had a fifty but still felt kind of guilty) but then he followed me for a good ten or fifteen steps still asking despite my saying "no, sorry" and I was a blink away from looking for a cop.
  4. Huge Coca-Cola truck with a Santa chair setup in the back outside Penn Station. Kids in line to sit on his lap.
  5. A guy on one of those swagways. I refuse to call them hover boards.