A mix of serious picks and wishful thinking.
  1. Best Picture - Spotlight
  2. Best Director - George Miller
  3. Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio
  4. Best Actress - Brie Larson
  5. Best Supporting Actor - Sylvester Stallone
  6. Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vikander
  7. Best Original Screenplay - Spotlight
  8. Best Adapted Screenplay - The Big Short
  9. Best Visual Effects - The Revenant
  10. Best Cinematography - Really not sure because the nominations are all too good. Carol maybe? I haven't seen it yet but based on the trailers...wow.
  11. Best Editing - The Big Short
  12. Best Animated Film - Inside Out
  13. Best Costume Design - Mad Max
  14. Best Production Design - Mad Max
  15. Best Makeup - Mad Max
  16. Best Score - The Hateful Eight
  17. Animated Short - Sanjay's Superteam
    Although the this is the only nomination I saw so.
  18. Sound Mixing - Uhhh
  19. Sound Editing - Uhhhhhhhh....
    Really how do you judge these? I have no idea what makes one movie's sound better over another. If they've done their job well it shouldn't even be something you think about so having to think about it is impossible.
  20. Best Original Song - I've only heard Writings On the Wall but I really hope it doesn't win.
  21. Foreign/Documentary/All the other short film stuff
    Haven't seen em. I know some of the docs are on Netflix I'll have to get to those but it's hard enough keeping up with the movies jees.