The sequel (Ugh all sequels nowadays where's the original ideas) to my most successful list, which received a like from the great @bjnovak. There will likely be more Disney involved.
  1. The smell of old comic books.
  2. Auntie Anne's pretzels.
  3. When my house is spotless and the weather is cold. There's something sterile about it's but also deeply comforting.
  4. Goofy's Candy Co. Sour Gummi Worms.
  5. Reading a book during the time of year the book takes place.
  6. Looking through old pictures. The physical kind. Digital 's ok too, though.
  7. Wistfully telling people about Walt Disney's original plans for EPCOT.
    It was gonna be a utopian city! 30,000 people were gonna LIVE there! Underground roads! A city!!
  8. That occasional deep sigh my cat makes when he's sleeping.
  9. When the opportunity arises, letting a baby grab my finger.
  10. The vacuum-sealed techie smell inside the box of a fresh Apple product.
  11. Any painting by Edward Hopper.
  12. The heavenly sound of an Apple computer turning on.
  13. Fresh bacon.
  14. When everything looks golden in the morning sun.
  15. Witnessing a random act of kindness from afar.
  16. The lobby of the Tower of Terror.
  17. Throwing out old things that no longer have meaning.
    Cleans the slate.
  18. Any painting by Mary Blair.
  19. Soft pillows.
  20. Hershey Bliss chocolates.
  21. Those crazy sparkles that float up from bonfires.
  22. Well thought out/interesting movie posters.
  23. Words: Whimsical. Enigma. Euphoric. Folly. Lackadaisical. Eccentric. Oddity. Limerick. Wonderful. Fantastical. Persnickety. Time.
  24. Thinking of an answer to a creative dilemma.
    There aren't many words to describe the joy of feeling the clouds parting and the back of your mind going "That's it. That's the answer." This goes beyond just creative dilemmas. Though creative answers are more satisfying for me.
  25. Receiving a package in the mail.
  26. Scented candles.
  27. Making movie references amongst people I know will get the reference.
  28. The aesthetic of the Enchanted Tiki Room.
  29. Any illustration by Quentin Blake.
  30. Great typography.
  31. Talking in a probably terrible British accent.
    I don't think it's half bad though.
  32. NASA history. Space flight.
  33. Being able to see past/rectify the hypocrisy that litters Americas past and being able to feel like a capital A American.
  34. Thanksgiving morning.
    The crisp air. The parade. The cooking smells.
  35. Cooking smells in general.
  36. Recommending books or movies to someone.
  37. Julia Child's voice.