1. When I was in elementary school my family went on vacation to Lake George.
  2. I had a lot of fun. But there was one horrible incident.
  3. Let me preface this by saying Lake George is a very creepy place. And I was going through a scaredy cat phase. If I went today I'd be super into it though.
  4. There's a Haunted House. A wax museum dedicated to movie monsters called the House of Frankenstein. Very strange stuff.
  5. I refused to partake in any of it. Except one.
  6. I *think* this is the building. It was after we had gone mini golfing. This picture says Haunted Castle but at the time it was called the Haunted Maze. There were very friendly looking ghosts painted on that siding. It seemed very tame. I asked if we could go.
  7. I don't know why this mysterious ominous building called the Haunted Maze seemed ok to me, yet the straight forward wax museum was too scary but I digress. We went to the Haunted Maze.
  8. My little brother immediately chickened out. My mom had no interest in going in so she stayed behind with him. It was just me my dad and my older sister.
  9. My dad paid to get in. But at this point, looking around at the entrance area I could tell this was no kid friendly Haunted Maze with smiling ghosts. This was a legit Haunted Maze.
  10. I tried to chicken out. They wouldn't refund the ticket. I almost pitched a fit but I pressed on. They opened the doors. They were big heavy cardboard-like double doors painted to look like fancy castle doors. When they closed it was pitch black. I'm afraid of the dark. Not good.
  11. Now to be honest, in hind sight, looking this Haunted Maze was actually really shitty. Very lazy stuff. But elementary school me was horrified.
  12. There were various dioramas behind glass. The lights would flash on as we passed. Lame fake limbs hanging from the ceiling. Fake skeletons. The whole shabang. But I was having a heart attack.
  13. There was one diorama of a dummy of a woman wearing a wig getting decapitated by Death's scythe. This is were I snapped. Just hysterical crying.
  14. My dad had to pick me up and carry me the rest of the way. We passed a fire exit. I begged him to go through the exit but he wouldn't listen.
  15. At this point my sister is starting to freak out because I'm freaking out. We finally get to the maze part but it's so dark. There are neon arrows painted on the walls pointing the way but my dad kept bumping into the wall. My sister started yelling frantically "It's a maze!!! It's a MAZE!!!"
  16. I'm crying. My dad keeps bumbling into the walls. My sisters going off about how it's a maze. It was a mess.
  17. FINALLY we get to the end. The doors swing open and all of these air horns and alarms start going off. I squirm out of my dads arms and run to my mom screaming crying.
  18. That was probably the biggest mistake of my life up to that point. Why did I think that would be fun.
  19. There was a positive result to this experience though. The birth of an inside joke.
  20. Whenever we're lost or need directions somewhere occasionally we yell out "It's a maze! It's a MAZE!!!!"