1. Finster
    You poor bastard. He's the one slaving away, sculpting and cooking monsters and putties in the Monster-Matic, only to have them destroyed by the Power Rangers time and time again. I applaud him and his ability to keep at his craft despite how thoroughly unrewarding it was. All for Rita. Who didn't even appreciate him.
  2. Jinxer
    This guy didn't have it as hard as Finster. All he had to do was conjure monsters by tossing those lame playing cards in the shadow dimension or whatever. But still. A thankless task.
  3. The Monsters
    If you're a monster on the Power Rangers you're dead. There's no question about it. Dead. These poor hideous evil monsters. Murdered. Every time. Isn't there a peaceful solution? Can't these creatures be put in captivity where they can learn the ways of good? We'll never know.
  4. Baboo
    From Baboo's Power Ranger Wiki profile: "Rita only kept Baboo around because he was an excellent scapegoat and sycophant." I think that says it all.