1. Grumpy
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    Doesn't take anyone's shit and plays the organ like a god damn rockstar.
  2. Sleepy
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    We all aspire to feel the sleepiness that Sleepy personifies.
  3. Sneezy
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    Just a silly bastard who can't stop sneezing what's not to love.
  4. Bashful
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    Possibly the most relatable of all the dwarfs.
  5. Dopey
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    The eternal fuckup. Almost as lovable as Sneezy but where Sneezy can't control his sneezes, Dopey can certainly tone down the stupidity. Come on man. Just grab the fuckin' soap.
  6. Doc
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    Control freak bastard. Who put you in charge. Just because you have glasses doesn't mean you get to order everyone around, DOC.
  7. Happy
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    This guys definitely a secret serial killer. Anyone who is perpetually happy is not to be trusted.