This is a long one but if you like cat stories it's kind of funny and heartwarming.
  1. In the Fall of 2013 I was reading outside on my deck when suddenly I noticed a cat eyeing me from the lawn.
  2. I got him to come close to me. He let me pet him then he bolted off.
  3. He had no collar. It's not unusual for stray cats to cut through our yard so I thought nothing of it.
    We have two dug in areas on opposite sides of our fence that cats probably made to slide under.
  4. A few days later while reading outside...there he is again. This time he walked up to me on his own. I pet him. He lied down and sept for a little by my feet while I read. Then he left.
  5. It was amazing. My parents never allowed pets and here I was getting the 'pet experience' from a stray.
  6. This happened several more times before the weather got too cold and he vanished. I thought for sure he was dead. That was that. My brief time pretending to have a pet were gone.
  7. The winter went by and didn't think much more of it. Enter Spring of 2014.
  8. The weather was good enough to start reading outside again. And what do you know? After a few reading sessions the cat makes an appearance.
  9. I was shocked. He had a flea collar now. Did someone take him in for winter? Did he already have a home? How bizarre.
  10. But time went on and without fail almost every time I was outside this strange cat would come and lay by my feet while I read.
  11. I hadn't picked him up yet. I was still kind of afraid that he would suddenly become wild.
  12. As the weather got nicer he would start coming around the house regardless of my being outside. He'd just hang around until I noticed he was here. I started feeding him various meats and leftovers.
  13. Then I let him in the house. I was getting in too deep. This was possibly some stray wild animal and here I am letting him in the house and falling in love.
  14. He started hanging around more and more spending whole days at my house, but always leaving at night. He never slept over.
  15. Then comes winter again. This is a dilemma. My parent are not excited at the prospect of taking in this animal we don't even know if it's been to a vet or not.
    But I could feel them starting to come around. They liked the cat too. My dad dubbed him Dave. I just called him cat.
  16. Christmas Eve rolls around. At this point the cat had started sleeping over. It was going on for three days at that point. The longest amount of time he'd been in the house without leaving for good.
    He'd ask to be let out and probably go to bathroom then come right back. I have no idea where he shits. I have never found any cat poo in my front or back yard. It's still something of a mystery.
  17. Suddenly, the afternoon of Christmas Eve there's a knock on the door. It's the people who live behind us who we really don't know well. They were walking around the neighborhood looking for their lost cat and they saw a cat through our glass door could that possibly be theirs?
    Oh my god. Yes. This is your cat. He's with us now.
  18. They were very cool about it. They were worried about him. Apparently they have two dogs that would relentlessly torture the poor cat. Thus he ran away and befriended me.
  19. He's been living here ever since. The neighbors came by once when me and the cat were sitting outside on the front porch and they happened to be taking a walk.
    They said they haven't seen him at all.
  20. He's very much an outside cat though. He stayed out all night during this past summer. Partying or whatever.
  21. The neighbors told us he's been fixed and has all his shots. We gave him anti flea stuff this last summer as well. We also feed him real cat food now not just the odd leftovers here and there I started with.
  22. He's the best cat. Every night he falls asleep on my arm and then he wakes up and moves onto my desk chair to sleep.
  23. The End.