There's gonna be a lot of Disney involved I can tell you right now.
  1. The sound of pomegranates opening.
  2. The feeling of getting settled to watch a movie.
  3. The smell of Christmas trees.
  4. The weird burning musty smell when the heat first gets turned on for winter.
  5. The smell of Splash Mountain.
  6. Walking onto Main Street for the first time during any Disney World vacation.
  7. The quasi-religious feeling of being in the presence of historical artifacts. Standing in buildings where significant events took place.
  8. The Haunted Mansion. Disney World preferred but the original Disneyland one would do just fine.
  9. Reading with a blanket on and some popcorn by my side.
  10. Laffy Taffy.
  11. Pizza.
  12. Roast Beef and noodles.
  13. Watching snow fall.
  14. Watching leaves fall.
  15. Observing bugs doing whatever it is they do.
  16. The sound of laughter.
  17. The sound of thunder and or heavy rain.
  18. Walking barefoot in grass.
  19. Falling asleep with ease.
  20. Waking up with ease.
  21. Seeing a movie and loving every moment of it. Having a completely satisfying movie experience.
  22. The colors of fall.
  23. Haribo gummy bears.
  24. Piano music.
  25. Decorating for Christmas.
  26. Finishing a book and knowing it had a profound influence on you.
  27. Breathing in fresh Summer or Spring air.
  28. Miniature things.
  29. Hugs. Not normal hugs. The hugs that last a few seconds longer that you drink in. Food for your memories.
  30. Spooky things. Skeletons. Witches. Monsters. Ect.
  31. Lame collectible knick knacks like snow globes and pins.
  32. Not having to say bye when I leave any kind of gathering.
  33. Spaceship Earth in EPCOT.
  34. People who can talk about religion and not sound like a jerk or an idiot.
  35. The People Mover
  36. When my feet are cold but not too cold. The feeling of them warming up under a blanket.
  37. Being in an optimistic mood about the future.