The 80's really thought they'd be way more omnipresent in 2015 than they really are, huh? And while a few of these 'exist' I'm talking things that were promised to be widely in use/mass produced.
  1. Flying cars
  2. Holograms
  3. Jaws 19
  4. Self tying shoes
    REAL widely used self tying shoes used by the masses. Technically they are real though, I guess.
  5. Self drying clothes
  6. Antique stores filled only with things from the 80's
  7. Food hydrators
    Boy mom you sure can hydrate a pizza!
  8. Accurate weather prediction
  9. 80's Cafes waited by floating AI of 80's celebrities
    Maybe this is real somewhere. It's entirely possible.
  10. Hover boards
    *Hover* boards. Not boards with two wheels on the sides that can move around pretty slick.
  11. Casual video calls taken on gigantic television screens.
    Also technically real but it would take some effort to take a call on a tv screen...but at home? Ain't nobody got time for that.
  12. Fax machines on the walls of every suburban home.
    Also probably for the best reality passed on this.
  13. Gas stations seemingly run by robots.
  14. Cool futurey Tron cars.