1. In kindergarten I accidentally called my teacher mom and other kids laughed about it.
  2. In kindergarten we had a board game day and my teacher thought it would be fun to say that the winners got to go to Disney World as a joke but I took it deadly serious and cried when I lost.
  3. In third grade my friend and I wrote a joke Thanksgiving version of the Rudolph song called Rudolph the Thanksgiving Turkey and our teacher forced us to sing it alone to the principal. We were rewarded with pencils.
  4. Any forced class chorus/singing event from elementary school
  5. I was daydreaming during a science test in 6th grade and didn't realize I was staring vaguely in the direction of my teacher working at his desk and he started staring at me and I didn't notice and then he waved his hand and I realized what had happened and it was the most awkward eye contact I've ever made.
  6. I thought Pepsi Throwback meant like...you threw it back to take a swig. Like it was just a fancy name for taking a sip and the old fashioned design was just coincidental. When I told a friend this he made fun of me relentlessly all day about it. We aren't really friends anymore.
  7. See egg throwing incident in the facts about me list.
  8. Every time I have said "You too!" To an employee somewhere in reply to "Enjoy the (show, meal, ect.)"
  9. In second grade I was in a reading group with my crush and he said something funny that made me laugh to the point where snot shot out of my nose. I played it cool and wiped it away with the inside of my shirt, but the damage was already done.
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