They can "party"
  1. Competitor firms showed up
    "Oh I heard 'so and so' is here."
  2. Bets on what the IRS would return some clients
    10%! No definitely 12%!
  3. My mom cracked a glass and told her partners she shattered it aka she's a "badass"
  4. Office competition emerged with how many beers you could consume
  5. Premium alcohol was served
  6. Got hit on by the recent college grad and "new guy"
  7. My mom asked why it was so loud
    Your firm picked the cool 20-something bar, Mom. (So happy for that choice btw)
  8. Compared times of when they finished all their clients' work
    This was a 10+ minute conversation. More vodka, please.
  9. Office gossip
    "I asked her to review ONE return."
  10. I drank 3+ very strong vodka sodas like a basic
    Only way I got through
  11. "Thank God this shit is over."