I'm moving into a new apartment and decided to brave IKEA for the first time.
  1. There seems to be a lot of unused concrete here.
    Maybe I'm coming at a slow time, but it got really spacious really quick.
  2. I walked into the smell of Cinnabons
    Thank you IKEA restaurant
  3. Nothing but college kids
    How you know school is (almost) back in session
  4. There are 20 different oven options, but I've only seen three table set options.
  5. My roommate insists on test sitting every chair
    Trust, it gets old fast.
  6. How can you charge $250 for delivery and assembly?!
    This feels outrageous but then again, this is my first IKEA experience.
  7. Overwhelmed but not overhyped
    Brb stuck in an ocean of furniture