Professional food critics and Hamilton Enthusiasts rate and review these popular Richmond donuts. @haleyb @eeb1021 @kaylas92
  1. donut aesthetic 👌🏻
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  2. Dixie spice: Dense but still had lightness. Just right amount of sweet. Needs choco. 'In NY you can be a new man'--"Helpless" 😋
  3. Sprinkle: Would prefer option of choco frosting. BANGIN vanilla frosting. ''Jefferson had my vote!'-- "Election of 1800" 🙃🤔
  4. Oreo: Crumbling. Bland AF. 'Meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him meet him inside'--"Meet Me Inside" 😡
  5. Black Currant and Ginger: Interesting. Flavorful. ZINGY WOW. Pretty good, sexy donut. 'Everything is legal in New Jersey'--"Blow Us All Away" 😛😏😳
  6. Ginger snap: Strong ginger flavor. v sugary frosting. Erin rambled on about not enjoying it...stopped listing to her critique. 'What u trynna hide, Burr'--"Story of Tonight Reprise" 😙😤
  7. Dulce de Leche: No. Erin didn't finish. Flavorless goo. I don't get it. 'Did you intend this?'--"Take a Break" 🙅🏽
  8. Old Fashioned: Glaze, not frosty, but much preferred. YAS. Classic, well executed. Knows how to be a donut. Nice flavor, plain but lovely. 'I want to be in the room where it happens'--"The Room Where It Happens" 😊🙂
  9. Blueberry Cake: Fuck yea. Mmm. Fresh fluffy delightful. Refweshing! Too full for some to enjoy fully. 'How does a bastard orphan, son of whore, go on and on grow into more of a phenomenon?'-"A Winters Ball" 😎🤑
  10. Samoa: Same goo as DdL. Bummed. Thought it would be my favorite-Kayla. Disappointing. "Who lives who dies who tells your story" 😑😩