I'll be 25 at the end of January, perfect time to reflect on old bday party mems that still haunt me 🤖🎂🎈
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    The Candle Eater
    Imagine you've just blown out your candles and made the best birthday wish of your young life. Then out of nowhere one of your party goers snatches the still embering candle from your beautiful chocolate peppermint cake and starts chomping on that waxy number 7. Does your wish still come true? Do you tell her/your mother what you've just seen? Are you supposed to wish on another candle? Stressed out, you decide to make a wish on every bite of cake you take. Better safe than sorry. 🎂
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    Doilies Forever
    When your birthday is the last day in January you might as well have been born on Valentine's Day. Hearts, glitter, and doilies errrrywhere. My birthday parties had a Valentine's theme from age 4-10. And there's nothing in the world cooler than a craft party! Which in turn means DOILIES OUT THE BUTT. Big doilies, small doilies. Red and white doilies. Those filigree paper hearts, covered in glue stick residue and multicolored sequins, are scrapbooked all up in dis heart of mine. 💖💕
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    Sweet 16 Mutiny
    Did you ever have a group of friends that was just mindlessly controlled by an evil teenage lady leader? ..oh no?! but like let's just saaay you can relate and you totally invited that evil teenager to your sweet 16 sleepover and she turned literally all your friends against you in one terrifying night and then just like imagine never having a birthday party again? 🙃💔🎂🎉
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    Doll Themed Soirée; Do or Don't?
    Short answer? 100% a "don't" situation. RSVP for a good time at Jamie's American Girl Doll Party! January 31st from 12-4pm. Bring your dolls AND accessories! Oh fun fact-- Jamie's turning 13... 💁🏻
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    It's My Party And I'll Pee If I Want To
    When you're a sleepover connoisseur with an overactive bladder, life as a pre-teen can be quite stressful. I think I'll just leave this bullet with the fact that every birthday party I've ever had has been a sleepover party 💦🌊🚽