Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

In honor of teacher appreciation week, I'm making my first list, because the last 4 photos on my camera roll are of student work samples and a teacher meme that is spot on. Every year we have to turn in a buncha evidence to show that we teach good, hence the pictures on my phone so I can send them to my teacher email #technologyintheclassroom.
  1. Exit tickets are one of the best teaching tools, but also the bane of my existence to grade #criteriaforsuccess.
  2. I had students use characters from Lord of the Flies (which they were reading in English), to create a political cartoon showing the impact of imperialism on native populations #collaboration.
  3. See above #piggyforever #crosscurricular
  4. Never did I ever think I'd receive a diorama from a high school student...they got to choose how they wanted to format their arguments. This is about the Boxer Rebellion #studentchoice.
  5. This has been sufficiently awkward.
  6. Also I love my job #educationbuzzwords #edubabble
  7. Did I do this right?