1. Idris Elba and Jack Davenport are two men on opposite sides of the law who hate each other so much they could just kiss each other
  2. MI6 gets privatised and its agents are re-employed as staff for the theme hotel that used to be its headquarters
  3. John Cho is a guy who travels through time for some reason
  4. skyscraper-sized mech attains sentience and falls in love with its pilot
  5. jurassic universe
  6. okay so I woke up one morning to an evernote containing only the words "food wizard" and I feel like this one writes itself
  7. an odd couple road trip starring Eliza Coupe as a neurotic ad exec on track for a big promotion, and a cloud of spiders assembled roughly into the shape of a person
  8. it was in fact you, the audience, that murdered the baroness