1. β€’
    so i went to get tea at a cafe and said my order in polish perfectly, so the CNB (from here on out) asked me in polish if i wanted it for here
    herbata zielona (green tea...!)
  2. β€’
    but i still have trouble catching that phrase so i looked at him like an idiot and he said it again in polish and then switched to english bc he realized then that i was a dumb english speaker
  3. β€’
    and then the card reader had problems and he asked if i had cash which i did and blah blah blah i pick up my tea (in a cute mini french press!!!) and said thanks (in polish!) and he answered "smacznego!" which is like "enjoy!"
  4. β€’
    and then later he came by to my table to take my tray and asked if i was done (in polish. I didn't understand the words but his body language was p. clear)
  5. β€’
    and i knodded like an idiot and said dzienkuje (thank you!) even tho i had a little more left. bc he was so cute and nice.
  6. β€’
    and then later when i was leaving i went to use the bathroom and apparently he had just gone down to clean it bc he was in the girls area and he left so i could use it
  7. β€’
    this is the slightly embarrassing part
  8. β€’
    i went back out of the stall room to go to the sink room (old european bathrooms...) to get tissue paper or something bc there was no more toliet paper😐
  9. β€’
    BUT HE WAS BY the sink again cleaning but HOLDING toliet paper...! ...! so i had to ask him for it😭
  10. β€’
    and then when i was washing my hands this other lady came in and so he had left a g a i n and was waiting outside by the stairs and i said bye to him (do widzenia!) and he said and i just kept smiling as i walked bye away and i just want to knowww
  11. β€’
    why i couldnt have been like "hey my name is jamie and i am new here be my friend pls" or like
  12. β€’
    "hi make out with me" 😍😲😁😍
  13. β€’
    idk man