1. i'm drinking coffee in the morning
    pls don't fuck up my ritual
  2. putting my make up on
    again. rituals.
  3. eating breakfast
    let me mentally prepare in peace while enjoying my food
  4. making food
    this is negotiable. is the conversation fun?? is it lunch time?? then okay, what's up..!?
  5. reading
  6. listening to a podcast
  7. cleaning something
  8. my door is closed and i'm in my room
  9. i only give you one word answers
  10. it looks like i'm trying to take a nap
  11. i just woke up from a nap
  12. i have already washed my face
  13. i'm brushing my teeth/other indicators of getting ready for bed
  14. we live together and it's after 9pm
    i need a wide cushion of silence and darkness to fall asleep. let me be.
  15. yr just going to ask me a bunch of questions
    i'll give you details if i'm excited to talk about something..!! if not then i dont want to talk about it!!
  16. you want to "know how my day was" bc there's a 99% chance i'll tell you it was "fine" bc i am forever a 15yr old girl
  17. ......basically there is a small window after 11am and before 4pm where i'm up for some light convo. any other time i'd probably rather not.