1. What is it called when you're very intuitive, except you have no idea when you're right? Sometimes it's scary how easily I see things that stump others; it's like it doesn't occur to me that anyone wouldnt see what I see. But I never know when I'm right, and am seeing clearly, or when I'm not.
  2. I hate to say it, but it's really hard not to date someone with a man bun these days.
  3. Why can't you send group snap chats? Like a private group wall?
  4. Oh. My. God. Trumbo is scathingly relevant.
  5. "lists"
  6. Is this match, Gordon the Venture Capitalist, posed in front of an oil painting of himself while holding a golden retriever puppy?
  7. Of COURSE my favorite spice girl was sporty spice... Look how fucking fierce she would be right meow
  8. What's the female version of emasculate?
  9. Do you ever wonder whether or not you have a super power? And that super power is eating food? Like, no one on the planet can enjoy eating food as much as you do? I have a super power, and it's eating. I have magical eating powers that enable me to eat food better than anyone on earth.
  10. Are there children's books that teach world history like nursery rhymes? If I can't explain it simply, I don't understand it; if we taught all the major world history, chronologically, to kids over the course of k-12 wouldn't they have a great, contextual understanding of history and our world?
  11. God. Tech really is this generation's California gold rush, isn't it?!