1. The TV is on volume 10. Can you turn it down to 3?
  2. Why is the fridge handle sticky?
  3. There's water outside the shower, can you clean it up?
  4. Babbbbeeee..... Your cars so dirty
  5. Can I update your phone apps?
  6. Did you drink half of all these water bottles?
  7. What are you making now?
  8. Can we not make a mess today?
  9. What are you doing tonight? I want to go to bed really early.
  10. I'm not drinking this weekend. Are you? I want to be healthy
  11. Let's do this thing where we save our money. Can you please try?
  12. Did you use my Amex at whole foods?
  13. Can we have no one come over today?
  14. Can we hang out just me and you?
  15. Why are there crumbs on the floor?