1. Clean
    Arguably, one could say that I could clean WHILE listening to Hello, but I keep getting distracted by belting out the chorus so emotionally that I forget that I'm supposed to be doing the dishes and instead end up crying and thinking about my exes.
  2. Write
    If I can't be Adele, what is even the point of writing?
  3. Call my mom back
    I would have to actually stop listening to this song in order to talk on the phone, so nope. Mom will have to wait.
  4. Grocery shop
    Just a hunch that Trader Joe's probably wouldn't be like ecstatic if I was picking out oranges while scream-singing "HELLOOOOOO FROMMMMM THE OTHERRRRRR SIDEEEEEEE"
  5. Talk about anything other than this song
    Have you heard the new Adele? is about as far as my conversations have gotten lately.
  6. Even
    I have ceased existing. I'm dead. This song killed me. I have lost all ability to even.