Fav shows
  1. Orphan Black
    But season 3 is a hot mess
  2. Orange is the New Black
    I'm into the way this show portrays the prison industry
  3. Parks and Recreation
    I just - Ben and Leslie
  4. Once Upon a Time
    So cheesy but the costumes and complicated plot and the complex world that all of this takes place in is just wow
  5. Sherlock
    Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are very talented
  6. Mr. Robot
    This show pleases my eyes - very sharp and very thrilling story told by very talented people, Sam Esmail
  7. Bojack Horseman
    A show about a /mostly/ non-relatable horse
  8. Santa Clarita Diet
    I like it because it makes me laugh very hard
  9. Master of None
    I LOVE some of these episodes so much. Thank you aziz ansari for making this show
  10. Black Mirror
    I'm into the mini movie type of deal
  11. Arrested Development
    I thought I liked The Office until I met Arrested Development
  12. Flaked
  13. Breaking Bad
    Late to the game