1. I need to take a shower
    Im gross and want to look good
  2. I can finish this episode and then take a shower
    Plenty of time
  3. Okay I'll take a shower after this next episode
    Still plenty of time
  4. There's still time to shower and do full make-up
    Plenty of time
  5. I really need to get in the shower
    Wait when did I need to be there again?
  6. If I don't shave my legs I can finish this episode
    It's fine I'll wear pants
  7. Shit I really need to get in the shower
    Guess I'm not eating before
  8. It's fine makeup doesn't take that long anyway
    If I skip steps...
  9. Do I really need to shower
    My hair isn't that greasy right?
  10. Do I really want to go to this thing?
    Going out is such effort
  11. If I get in the shower now I should make it
    Looking rough but still
  12. So I'm late
    It'll be fine