A self guide for myself
  1. It's ok to be angry
  2. BUT, Recognize excuses as catharsis up until a certain point (a few hours) and then it's unhealthy
  3. You can always do better, even if that means conforming to the expectations others have put onto you
  4. When someone says they're "very disappointed" it may not be sincere, may be an (unhealthy) tool they use for motivation
  5. My happiness and self worth will never be sacrificed if I don't meet someone else's standards
  6. Projecting onto people, esp though "constructive criticism" is also dangerous and should be aware of the messages I'm sending
  7. You will always be blamed for things you didn't do. Pick your battles
  8. Be sincere, honest with yourself. Recognize honestly is not just "what's on your mind" but a deep understanding of the relationships between anger/coping mechanisms and what's healthy for myself in the long term. They are usually at odds, have some foresight