Because fate it hilarious, after a multi-state experience for grad school and jobs, I now live in the town where my HS is, in fact 3 blocks from the cruddy bar where this event is going down, and really have no good logistical excuse for not being there tonight. I feel slightly bad for not feeling badly about it. Instead , I am:
  1. Taking a serious walk down memory lane by helping my dad clean out closets in his house, the house I grew up in. This is big coincidence to happen today. Moving moments: found my prom dress & the dress my mom wore to graduation just a few weeks after her mastectomy. And a big mess of 80s-awesome shoes that no longer fit me.
  2. In a less serious vein, painting my nails black , just like in HS. but now it's not so hard to find the polish in stores anymore. And it costs like three times as much.
  3. Listening to REM, Smiths, Love & Rockets, and of course Siouxsie, but might throw in some Duran Duran for giggles. And Bolshoi since they had that one great song. My kids still need serious study of this stuff; at least they can identify Siouxsie.
  4. Occasionally scanning the class Facebook page and wonder who all these old people are. And wonder why we have in-person reunions when we have Facebook etc to hunt down the people we used to know (or not know)?
  5. (But really: why would you go to a reunion to talk w people you haven't seen or spoken to (or hunted up on Facebook) in 30 years? And maybe even spoke to in high school? That's the main thing, I suppose. )
  6. Going out to a lovely dinner with my lovely family as my summer vacation from my good and fulfilling job. I also have a cute house, cool shoes, and a super dog. It's not like I don't have stuff and accomplishments to talk about, which I expect is a main event at these events .
  7. At that lovely dinner, toasting the two people from my graduating class that I still keep in contact with. They are very cool & smart women with interesting lives like me and I bet if we counted up all our degrees and credentials we'd need the fingers of more than one of us.
  8. In the final analysis, I suppose, taking part in the HS reunion in very much the same way I took part in HS. on the fringes, wondering what it was/is that drew all those other people to gather in big bunches together, but not really wondering that deeply, since I really honestly do not feel like I'm missing out when I miss the mass entertainment.
  9. Hoping that my kids, who are enrolled in the same school that I graduated from,have found the good, if small, niche of experience that makes it bearable , and mostly that they too will find that getting to college and moving on is just a zillion times more interesting than HS.