just trying to diffuse the tension. 2 words: re gret
  1. Fun Run
    There's nothing like watching Michael say "I am very blessed" and then promptly run into Meredith with his car to distract from political differences. Also, so much fettuccine Alfredo, so little water.
  2. Business School
    The bat: need I say more?
  3. The Injury
    he just wanted to wake up to the smell of fresh bacon! this will easily get you out of a conversation about the small state advantage in the electoral college
  4. Dinner Party
    the tension in this episode is enough to make you forget about the political conversation you regret starting. It's the best.
  5. Threat Level Midnight
    speaks for itself. Also, Michael Scarn!
  6. Casual Friday--kevin dropping his prize-winning chili? priceless and bipartisan
    Suggested by @syd
  7. Goodbye, Michael
    I've only watched this episode twice because it made me cry both times, but I'd be willing to watch again if it meant I could turn back time and not instigate this debate
  8. Secretary Day- just distract your opponent with "what was your favorite month ever?"
    I liked April when I was four
    Suggested by @india