My dad banned the Dixie chicks from his car (jokingly) after they spoke out against Prez Bush. When I was little and my cousin babysat for us, to rebel, I played the Fly CD nonstop on the way to the pool.
  1. Cold Day in July
    To be honest I've listened to this song one million times while driving with the windows rolled down all through Charlotte in the summer
  2. Don't Waste Your Heart
    ON A WILD THIIING, she's got a soul that won't settle on one thing
  3. Ready to Run
    ~when my mom said I look good in whiiite~ a classic.
  4. Landslide
    I know this wasn't originally written by the Dixie chicks, but imo this version is better. CONTROVERSIAL OPINION sorry.
  5. Travelin' Soldier
    This song is an emotional experience.
  6. Goodbye, Earl
    THOSE BLACK EYES PEAS, THEY TASTED ALRIGHT TO MEEEE, EARL •best when sung by multiple people at the top of your lungs•
  7. Wide Open Spaces
    This was my favorite one when I was 8, but the part when she says "let my folks go" I thought it said "pugs" and I was really sad for those abandoned pugs.
  8. You Were Mine
    "He's two and she's four and you knowwww they adoreeeeee you, so how can I tell them you changed your miiiiiiind" 💔
  9. Cowboy Take Me Away
    "I wanna grow something wild and unruly" I think they played this on the mindy project last season? It was the best. 💯💯💯💯