It's been almost a year since I left the U.S to spend four months in Florence, Italy and I want to go back at least once a week. This is in case I ever forget why I loved it so much 🇮🇹 also, I am procrasti-listing to avoid studying for finals ---in no particular order---
  1. Espresso
    to grab an espresso before class (only €1) was the dream. it was here I developed a true coffee addiction and I haven't recovered
  2. Famiglia
    My family came to visit me over spring break & so did my cousins, aunt and uncle! One of my favorite memories from the entire trip is sitting at a giant table in an osteria drinking gallons of Chianti and eating cured meats, fried dough balls and wayyy too much pasta. Ended the night with an espresso (I had to write a paper--but also bc I'm super ~Italian~)
  3. Il Duomo
    Ah my lil duomo. I only went inside it twice, but I lived right next to it. I could see it from my bedroom window. We woke up to the 7 am bells in the campanile and heard the accordion player playing "beauty and the beast" all night long. It's a tourist trap, but it was ours. Home is where the duomo is 💕
  4. Daniele
    The greatest (and only) Italian teacher I've ever had. Known for saying "good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Amsterdam" and other gems, he made Italian unreasonably fun. There's no one I'd rather throw chalk at me when I mispronounce the "ch" sound. He also loves chapel hill and pronounces it chapel heeeeel
  5. Gelatooooo
    The greatest thing on this earth. Very inexpensive compared to U.S. Gelato and now I've become a snob (our gianduja just isnt right). It's an instant mood improver, even though the tourists found our special place, Edoardo (Oh and so did BEYONCÉ)
  6. This is Beyoncé eating Edoardo gelato (right across from my apt) three days after I left Florence
  7. Boboli gardens
    Have you ever wondered if life was perfect? You were probably in the Boboli gardens in late April. I spent many afternoons sprawled on a blanket, reading "one more thing" by BJ Novak out loud to my friends & eating bars of chocolate + ritz crackers (€€€ splurge item) and drinking far too much prosecco (sorryyyy Daniele)
  8. Gusta pizza
    Worst kept secret. Best pizza. (get gelato on your walk home bc you have no self control)
  9. Vino
    We didn't spend much on wine, but we found the good bottles that were relatively cheap. Another cool thing was called vino sfuso ("loose wine") where we took empty bottles to a shop and filled them up with wine from these huge vats. It was about four euros per bottle and so so good/drinkable.
  10. The central market
    We'd go there a couple of times a week for fresh produce, fish, and bread for our fam dinners. I miss those more than anything. Also the pasta counter upstairs is 💯 + a glass of Chianti Classico (just keep drinking)
  11. Fam dinners
    When you spend four months with the same twenty people, you become family. I had the best apartment mates and two other girls from another apartment came over a lot for dinner bc they didn't have an oven. Rach (mom) cooked, we set the table, mel kind of washed dishes.
  12. walking everywhere
    I have permanent foot damage from the amount of walking we did, but it was nice to stroll along the Arno or by the Duomo for a little while after a big meal (also Piazzale Michelangelo-- the prettiest view of the city)
  13. Getting to see places you'd only seen before on puzzles