in honor of listy gifs
  1. MOST FREQUENTLY USED (but in a nice way and my friends know I'm joking)
  2. #2 most used!
  3. Usually sent to my sister when we're competing for the position of daughter #1
  4. When Friday seems so far away
    Also when I'm taking finals and haven't slept in awhile
  5. When I've been a little bit cavalier with my finances 😱
  6. the equivalent of "hug me brotha"
  7. If I do unexpectedly well on an exam I didn't study for
  8. Also sent to my sister
    We usually get along, but sometimes she borrows my clothes and gets chocolate on them
  9. I alternate this one with the "bitch" one
  10. when @aliciarichards told me we had fleas (they're gone now)
  11. when someone is genuinely very funny, a congratulatory gif
  12. when life is going great and then something unexpected happens
    also can be used if you hit a friend with a car, but they are fine and have no injuries and you laugh about it. This hasn't happened to me (🙌)
  13. "We're having a Beyoncé dance party when we get home"