@india thank you for the common app essay idea I stole from you 😶 @ mom thank you for letting us have bizarre pets
  1. Backstory: India (lil sis) loves/is obsessed with ducks and one day my mom was deluded enough to say yes to one of her crazy schemes
  2. We ordered duck eggs from a farm
    Pekin ducks
  3. India bought the how to hatch ducks book
  4. We bought all of the other stuff needed to hatch ducks
  5. The eggs were placed in their little box under a heat lamp for what felt like eternity
  6. We turned the eggs once or twice a day I think, but that could be wrong
  7. They sat and sat for so long
  8. One day, they started moving
    Only 3/10
  9. India was not there
    She was pissed about this
  10. Then, the shells started cracking
  11. And out popped a slimy lil yellow duckling
    The cutest mofo thing I've ever seen besides a kitten
  12. The second egg started cracking and out came a puff of black feathers and slime
    This one was not a Pekin duck. We later found out he was an Indian runner and he was low key my fave lil buddy
  13. Third egg hatched and there was another fluffy yellow guy!
  14. We then had three ducklings
  15. We put them in a box lined with soft stuff and fed them what they were supposed to be fed
    I don't remember
  16. They chirped and were so fluffy
    I can't even describe how cute it was. I have pictures at home
  17. They grew a foot a minute and pooped everywhere so when they were old enough they moved outside to the back yard
  18. We named them Clementine, Homer, Napoleon
    Napoleon was the tiny lil one
  19. Miss those little guys