Kinda funny but mostly helpful in case I am running out of ideas of what to eat.
  1. Three pieces of salami, some week old rice, and a salad (currently eating)
    Some of the lettuce tastes like the slime on the bottom of the lake. Bon apetit!
  2. Chips
    Yes, just chips. This is what I eat at least 60% of the time.
  3. Popcorn
    Similar to chips, but a nice change up of texture
  4. Last nights leftovers (probably chips) with an egg on top
  5. Anything with an egg on top
    Hamburger? Yup. Rice? Delish. Chips? DUH. Roast beef hash? Sounds good! Almond butter? I'm not one to judge.
  6. Dessert.
    My father taught me from a young age that cherry pie is a perfectly reasonable breakfast.
  7. Almond butter on some rice cakes
    Dry, but can do in a pinch
  8. Chips AND guac
    This is a different point than chips because this is the gourmet version and is a rarity around my household
  9. A smoothie
    This one requires a lot of ingredients and then some not my regular go-to
  10. Beef jerky
    Chips don't provide a lot of protein
  11. Do you notice that I cook 0% of the time?