It's Labor Day weekend. Awesome. I live in a cool place. Also awesome. Here are all the fun things I could be doing...
  1. Camping!
    Anywhere, everywhere. Every human I am associated with is probably camping this weekend...
  2. Tour de Fat
    If you don't know what this is, it's basically a huge beer festival/parade/music festival/block party but for an entire city and with costumes. Lots of costumes.
  3. Beer
    Everyone is drinking beer
  4. Vacation!
    Rent a home in the mountains? Go for a road trip? Camp! You know, normal vacation things.
  5. So many other fun, outdoorsy things because it's beautiful out and sun is cool.
  6. With so many fun options, what in the world will I get myself into???
    Check out my next list, WHAT I'M ACTUALLY DOING THIS WEEKEND