Shout out to @ChrisK for putting this whole thing together. Thank you thank you thank you to my secret Santa!
  1. Part I
  2. I'm already excited!
    A homemade quote puzzle! Bubble wrapped crunchy leaves (I said in one of my lists that I've missed the crunchy leaves of fall since moving to CA)! More to come!? It's already too much!
  3. OMG! It's here!
    The gift was sent anonymously, but I looked up the zip code listed on the shipping label and my package was sent from Swannanoa, North Carolina.
  4. I love puzzles!
    How did they know!? I haven't made a list about my love of jigsaw puzzles yet.
  5. There's also beauty in the success of this thoughtful and creative gift!
  6. Part II
  7. Asheville!
    I was wrong...she lives in Asheville! I LOVE Asheville!
  8. A handwritten letter!
    This is what wanted the most! I feel so honored that Katie shared so much about herself with me.
  9. Mix CD!
    I cannot wait to listen to this.
  10. ❤️❤️❤️
    The intimacy of this entire gift warms my heart!
  11. I also collect pint glasses!
  12. My sock collection grows!
    These are hilarious. I will wear them often.
  13. The final reveal!
    This is where @kate81 revealed herself. Thank you, friend! I'll be writing a letter to you soon. 📝