I went back to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and this is what I brought back with me to Oakland. Inspired by @smasch
  1. My dad's homemade granola
    I don't normally eat granola, but this stuff is the best! My dad lovingly packs it in an old yogurt container, which he seals with blue painters tape.
  2. Sweatpants
    A cozy red pair from Gap that I've had in my childhood bedroom closet for years.
  3. Really good olive oil
    My dad orders it from a little store in NYC that imports it from Italy. Dad's rationale: "I don't drink wine so I figured why not splurge on olive oil!"
  4. Joan Didion Collected Nonfiction
    It was worth the 5 pounds added to my checked bag to have this on my bookshelf again.
  5. Knives
    I was complaining to my dad about not having any good knives at my apartment and he bought me a Santoku knife and a chef's knife. Whatta guy. 🔪
  6. 3 bottles of vitamins
    Purchased by my mother and left in my childhood bedroom. She doesn't believe I'll buy them for myself. She is absolutely right.
  7. Pecans