1. My parent's house.
    It's dope and modern. The bathrooms are always clean. The fridge and pantry are things of beauty. But best of all it houses my parents.
  2. My parents.
    Mom just wants me to tell her anything/everything about my life while she gives me back rubs. Dad just wants me to watch Empire with him while he makes me tea and snacks.
  3. My friends.
    Everything's better when you've got a group of funny, frank, and fearless gals by your side.
  4. The cost of eating/drinking out.
    Both things I've pretty much stopped doing since moving to the Bay Area.
  5. Rain.
    Seriously though, how am I supposed to be moody when it's always sunny in Oakland. Also, droughts are bad.
  6. Fall.
    Are crunchy leaves really too much to ask for?!