Things I'm Not Sure People With Straight Hair Understand

  1. This isn't curly hair
    It's very pretty but it's a few waves deliberately added by choice
  2. This is curly hair
  3. Suggesting I use any-frizz products isn't helpful
    I'm already using every anti-frizz product there is - this is it as under control as it's getting!
  4. Just how truly horrifying bed head can be
  5. And letting your hair dry naturally is a risky business, appropriate mainly at Halloween
  6. The realisation that even your great-great-grandmother fought the frizz and lost
  7. The fear when you think you felt a drop of rain
  8. This isn't a new problem
  9. Brushing my hair isn't going to help - it's only going to end badly for me and for the brush
  10. But this is me and I'm happy with my frizzy head!