I haven't been on holiday with my folks for over 20 years but agreed to go with them to Fuerteventura for a week. I've lived alone for a long time so not sure how it will go ...
  1. I have a paranoia that people will think I'm a little princess whose parents have treated her to a holiday - I want to wear a sign pointing out that I'm paying!
  2. By the time they are ready for breakfast I can get a 3 mile run down, shower, dress and have a look around the local shops.
  3. We've nicknamed the empty space at our dinner table for every meal as my new imaginary friend, Giles.
  4. My mum has to sit in at least three tables, su loungers, restaurants before she's happy to stay in one!
  5. My mum and dad can bicker for 16 hours straight.
  6. Turns out I am way more patient than I thought but even Gandhi might have lost it by day three!
  7. My parents know how to relax - pre-dinner drinks, wine with dinner, post-dinner drinks and a nightcap every night!
  8. My mum is really handy to be around because she speaks so many languages!
  9. My mum has the shortest haircut but still takes minimum 1.5hrs to get ready.
  10. If I'm going to help them use their phones, kindles, etc, it's a nice change to do it in the glorious sunshine!
  11. Things my dad finds exciting about being on holiday are: the airport, the road, the wifi, telling my what temperature it is at home several times each day!