These make me cry inside. But they'll probably make you laugh. Told you humans enjoy watching others suffer.
  1. Pad Slip
    Last spring I went to the trampoline park. And, being a girl, I wore a sports bra. Being the vain #ittybittytittycomittee idiot that I am, I put two pads in the bra. Well, not in the bra, but just slipped 'em between me and the bra. I went and talked to this guy. I had no romantic interest in him whatsoever - just a note. As I walked away k noticed my pad and come up above the hem of my shirt. I'm pretty sure he saw it. Reeeally embarrassing.
  2. When someone walks in on you in the bathroom
    I'm not going to mention every time. There's been a lot. But it's awkward for everybody: you and the person you walked in on. And a lot of times I'm standing in the mirror - fixing my hair or whatever - and they think I'm taking nudes or something. You can tell because of the way they look away in shock and horror. You just can. It's not fun.
  3. Gymnastics Wedgies
    If you are/were a gymnast you'll know this one. You're doing your floor routine, and your Leo goes up your butt. Points get deducted if you pull it out. By the time I was through with my routine, I had flashed the whole gym.