1. Take quizzes to see how British my childhood was based on my vegetable preferences despite not being British and hating vegetables
  2. Bingewatch Youtube trailers until clicking "related videos" links becomes an involuntary movement
  3. Eat
  4. Reach level 277 on that Dots game while letting it dawn on me that I have spent more hours connecting dots than I have being in class
  5. Come up with creative new insults for myself in a futile attempt to encourage productivity
  6. Go online window shopping and feel fancy when I use the "highest value" filter instead of the "price low to high" filter
  7. Paint my nails a nude colour so that they look virtually the same but I have an excuse to not be touching anything for a solid 30 minutes
  8. Tell other people how I think they should be handling their lives
  9. Make lists