This is my year. I'm going to accomplish all I set before me. There's power and there's grace. I'm going to grow and learn and fail and get up again. It's gonna be so good.
  1. Love Jesus more
    Jesus is calling me deeper and deeper. I want to be all in, no turning back. I want to see Him like never before, fall in love with Him all over again.
  2. Grow in endurance
    I want to build my endurance physically, mentally, spiritually. I want to run long distances. I want to push through difficult college semesters. I want to endure hardships and emerge stronger.
  3. Get my mile down to 10 minutes or less
    Will need to jog around 4-5x a day. My current mile is around 13 minutes. Learn to love running and not see it as a chore.
  4. Read 25 books
    Read 20 books this year and I. Want. More. Don't let business and college be an excuse to stop reading. I want to let myself get lost in books. I want to read books that make me laughs and cry and think and wonder and get angry. I want to read more books that make me feel.
  5. Go on a mission trip
    I'm not sure if it'll be in Louisiana for Revive or to Greece for engage the crisis, but I'm praying that God makes a way. I'm gonna do everything in my ability to go.
  6. Love people more
    I'm not very patient and that affects how I love people. I don't get to be picky with who I love. Everyone is deserving and needing more.
  7. Make more art
    Write. Draw. Paint. Doodle. Journal. Create. Stop being afraid to leave behind something beautiful.
  8. Deepen existing friendships
    I've met such incredible people my first semester of college. I want to grow in those friendships, go on adventures, make long-term friends. It's okay to be vulnerable sometimes.
  9. Eat clean and stay hydrated
    Learn to love feeling and being healthy. Drink lots of water and crave it.
  10. Grow out my hair
    I just want it long.
  11. Get more flexible
    Do yoga more often and let that be the means of gaining flexibility. I've never been flexible so this is a dream.