1. Watched Jurassic park
    It was like 2 AM so it counts
  2. Wake up like at 11 AM
  3. Have awesome quiet time with Jesus
    He is so faithful!!!
  4. Talked to my dad about going to Greece on a mission trip
    AND HE SAID YES!!!!!
  5. Cleaned out closet
    Gonna donate some clothes
  6. Showered
    grateful for hot showers
  7. Went to corner bakery
    Lunch date with mom 💓
  8. Bumped into old friends again
    serious, thanks universe
  9. Visited my grandma
  10. Got a mangonada
    I love south Texas
    I didn't really do this but it's important
  12. Cried when Lily went into labor and Marshall actually made it for the birth of his son and then the whole crew was there crying and ugh
    how I met your mother is solid gold
  13. Yoga
  14. Bought two interesting-looking books for $6 each