I know I'm gonna love this list so much
  1. Keen
    Like "Want to go out?" "I'm keen" it's like agreeing with someone/something/I'm-cool-with-that-kinda thing
  2. Damn
    They're at Bible college and they preach with this language and it isn't a big deal
  3. Hell
    Used a lot after "damn"
  4. Ranga
    It's supposed to be a term for gingers (I think). Urban dictionary says it's short from "orangutan". Sounds kinda racist if you've never heard it before if ya ask me.
  5. Sticking out their middle finger
    AGAIN A SHOCK CAUSE BIBLE COLLEGE but the said that Australians are like "you Americans are all so quickly offended it's s finger"
  6. I'm hoping this list grows before they go back to aussieland