there's just some things in life that are necessary to remind ourselves of (a growing list)
  1. It's okay to believe in yourself
    It isn't selfish or cocky but about self-love. If I can't believe in myself than what am I doing?
  2. It's okay to doubt your belief in yourself
    Being human is full of unknowns, obstacles, fears, but it's what you do in face of all those things that makes you awesome
  3. Crying is for everyone
    Sometimes it's needed and long overdue. Get it all out. Let your fears be expelled from your body!!!
  4. Writing is therapeutic
    Focusing on the words and explaining how you feel/what you're thinking carries your mind far from where your worries are and it's really magical if you let it be
  5. Someone out there believes in you immensely
    For me its God and knowing that His plans are for good, He is faithful, He is trustworthy, and He loves me
  6. Taking care of your body is so much more than just for looks
    Eating nutritiously, moving and exercising, it's all to care for the body I've been given. This body carries my mind and my soul and it's important to take care of it for far more than vanity.
  7. It's okay to not always be grammatically correct
    I keep switching from third to first person but IT'S OKAY!!!!
  8. It's important to invest in the relationships and friendships in your life
    But it's also okay to let people go. Sometimes friends are friends for a season and it was good and true but the season ends and the friendship does too. There shouldn't be regret or remorse but honesty and sincerity about it.
  9. Failure is an option but it isn't the only one
    There's always room to mess up and fail (and it's okay to fail at times) but there's room for success, improvement, endurance, growth; failure isn't the only option!!!